With a name like Wondermama, you’d probably be wondering if the restaurant serves super healthy food for pregnant women! Well anyway, dispel all your silly notions as it is actually a charming, bright and airy café that is situated at a prime location at Bangsar Village. Its location was previously occupied by Outback Steakhouse which was dark with confined areas, mirroring the favoured décor of many steak houses we have in KL. So to witness its colourful transformation to what it is today is quite fantastic. Every spot in the restaurant is filled with light and begs for people to have a sunny and cheerful disposition when you sit on their chairs.

Wondermama is conceived by Edwin Yau, a seasoned restaurateur and a Japanese trained chef which led to his presence at Daikanyama at Changkat Bukit Bintang. His concept for Wondermama is to serve delicious Malaysian food with a fun and unique twist. The restaurant has wonderful design motifs such as their logo which is a Nyonya lady who represents the “Mama” in their name.

At first glance, it seems like he must have a love affair for all things porcelain as there was a wall filled with blue, red and white porcelain bowls that were loosely stacked on top of each other and were placed on the tables as well. Wondermama’s furnishings are quite quirky as evidenced by another wall which was filled with gambling tickets that had old school illustrations of Malaysia’s favourite food products of the past such as Ovaltine, Planta, Milk Maid Condensed Milk, Nescafe Classic, Horlicks and MILO.

Apparently, based on their Facebook page, the ‘tikam’ board existed up to the 1980s in sundry shops and is a form of gambling where the player would pay the shop owner a small fee in the likes of 10 sen or 1 ringgit for the right to pick a ticket from the board. Each ticket would entitle the player to redeem a prize. At times, the player may even receive food items such as milk, instant noodles or even cash!

Also, don’t forget to take a peek at the restaurant’s intricate Nyonya floor tiles too and the funky, vibrant crockery that helps the restaurant exude a warm, nostalgic ambience. Overall, it feels like you just stepped into a Malaysian restaurant in the 1980s and invites you to take a trip down memory lane with your cherished childhood. I suppose that speaks a lot of my age, doesn’t it?!

The verandah looked great with long wooden tables and benches, reminiscent of our school canteen days! Also, nothing beats eating out in the fresh air on a slightly rainy day with trees surrounding you. The ceiling also had mini chalkboards with menus written on them.

As we were given two menus each by the friendly waitress, I thought they were serving burgers (I adore beef burgers) but unfortunately I was told that the burger menu was not ready yet and will only be launched later. How sad! Anyhow, as I looked through the menu, I realized that it comprised of hearty, fresh salads like the Save the Green Salad, Super Potato Salad, Spicy Chicken Salad, Salted Egg Salad and the Asian Beef Salad.

For main courses, they had everday staples such as Nasi Lemak, Nyonya Laksa, Nyonya Mee Siam, Super Chicken Pongteh, Special Maggi Mee Soup and Special Seafood Maggi Mee Goreng. However, am afraid to say that I did not come out to eat Maggi mee at Bangsar Village! It also looks like Nyonya food is a favourite with the owner.

I ordered the Wondermama Spaghetti and was treated to a concoction of otak-otak, squid, beef bacon and homemade spicy tomato sauce while my mom settled for the garlic fried rice. Both of our dishes were served piping hot in their signature porcelain bowls. The fried rice was simple and could be enhanced with more garnishings so please do not have high expectations for it to be similar with your neighbourhood ‘tai chow’ which is bursting with flavour.

My spaghetti was quite “interesting” as I didn’t quite know what to expect of it. The sauce was definitely rich and gooey but my tastebuds were trying to comprehend the presence of the chewy otak-otak with the mouthfuls of spaghetti. Diners with adventurous tastebuds could give it a go if they don’t mind having their spaghetti dunked in a spicy, robust sauce.

Wondermama also had different versions of fried rice as well as an all day breakfast and wonder kids set. Teenagers would like this place as you can find all their favourite snacks such as fried squid, beef nachos, sandwiches and even a mini naan pizza.

I liked the selections that they had for desserts though! I for one love durian so yes, the Durian Crepe with Ice-Cream looked promising, alongside with the Spanish Churros with Ice-Cream and Chendol. I once had Churros in Beijing and that wasn’t a pleasant experience at all as I didn’t like the texture and it was served with of all flavours, yam ice-cream!

Would I go back to Wondermama? Definitely yes for the interior, although they could rework their rice dishes and when they introduce their burger menu! So don’t hesitate to walk in and try familiar offerings with a modern twist.

G6, Bangsar Village 1
Jalan Telawi 1
Tel: 603 2284 9821

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