The Tsens


there’s a special kind of closeness that only families know

that begins with childhood trust and deepens as you grow

there’s a special kind of happiness in sharing little things

the laughter, smiles and quiet talks that daily living brings

there’s a special kind of comfort in knowing your family’s there

to back you up, to cheer you up, to understand and care

of all the treasures life may bring, family means the most

and whether near or far apart, that love will hold you close


I have known Wan Sze since my uni days and we lived in the same dorm in Melbourne with her room right on top of mine! Together, we partied hard almost every other week, shaked our heads hopelessly at our mind-numbing accounting and finance lectures, laughed till we cried at our numerous silly antics and cooked hearty meals that were way too much for the two of us to eat! Years passed and she met Arthur, the love of her life and they built a life together in Australia. Although we were no longer in the same country, Wan Sze always kept in touch with the rest of us girls whenever she returned to KL. I remember fondly of an early photoshoot I did for the both of them in Changkat against the backdrop of colourful restaurants as they cheered each other on in crazy poses that I made them do!

Shortly after, their beautiful daughter Alea entered their lives and brought them closer with even greater joy. I was only too happy to take photos of this amazing couple with their daughter when they returned to Malaysia recently. As we make our way into this journey of life, the one thing that will always remain constant is the bond that we have for our family which will never be undone. To Arthur and Wan Sze, I would like to wish you many more years of wedded bliss as your family will grow from strength to strength.:)

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