Sophie’s Full Moon

Time truly feels like it has whizzed by like a bullet train when you receive invitations from your college friends to attend their baby’s full moon parties! I received this invite and also a request to take photos of Peter and Shie Lie’s first newborn’s full moon party, for their adorable baby girl Sophie. I’ve known Peter since we were in Taylor’s alongside with our other band of mates that included Steven, See Heng, Marcus, Su Lyn, Janet, Hooi Ling, Pei Ying, Kin Hoong, Poh Suan, Kah Wai and the list goes on! Everybody should really feel fortunate if they have a close knit group of friends:)Most of us even studied in Monash university in Melbourne together eventually.

The party was held at Full House restaurant in Sunway Giza which was a nice surprise to me as I didn’t know they had ample space on the top floors to cater for such parties. Peter and Shie Lin were able to take up the top floor and invite their family and friends to celebrate the wonderful occasion and tuck in to western and Asian dishes. There were also Wondermilk cupcakes in gorgeous hues of pink that spelt the name Sophie. I must say that Sophie was a trooper, she was awake most of the time and she stared at everybody with her big brown eyes and dare I say it, even managed to give a faint smile!

Peter and Sophie also played a nice montage of photos featuring Sophie as guests looked on with big smiles and laughter. However, I don’t think any of the smiles could have been bigger than those on their grandparents. I’m sure Peter and Sophie will be doting parents who will give the best love and care to their first newborn, congrats again!


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