Roger & Janet

It really felt like a college reunion when we recently attended Janet’s wedding to Roger! The wedding was held at The Club in Saujana which provided a serene and gorgeous setting for the exchange of vows which were held before dinner. It was an intimate ceremony that was attended by both of their closest friends. In fact, it was their second wedding dinner and I have to applaud them because they looked relaxed despite the hectic schedule! Janet looked amazing in her wedding gown and with her hair tied loosely around her shoulders.

Each of us had a deliciously sweet doorgift in the form of a giant macaroon from Delectable by Su. I had the Salted Chocolate and Lime Raspberry flavours which were absolutely divine. They were definitely the biggest macaroons I’ve ever eaten and it satisfied my sweet tooth!

Dinner began with a Carpacio from Atlantic Salmon which comprised of Tartar with Shallote, Mille Feuille with Horseradish Mousse, Crispy Salmon Grissini and Avocado. This salmon course was light and tasty which provided a perfect start. I love tomatoes, so naturally I liked the White Tomato Cream Soup with Pine Nuts and Basilica Oil. I am so used to drinking red tomato soups that it took me awhile to adjust to the white soup! For our main course, I chose the Medium Roasted Beef Striploin which was tender. It was served with an Organic Vegetable Cassoulette and Boletus-Mascarpone Ravioli with Black Pepper Sauce. Other choices that were available were the Pan Fried Sea Bass and Wild Mushroom Risotto. For dessert, we had the decadent Chocolate Mousse Cake with Crispy Chocolate Bon Bon that was accented with Chili! This was a refreshing, creamy dessert and the chili was not overpowering. Speaking of which, can you believe I actually ate a Curry Chocolate Souffle before? It was definitely bizarre!

A wedding is certainly not the same without a few speeches and the first for the night was from the maid of honour which was Hooi Ling. She gave a touching speech and I’m sure they’ll watch each other’s children play together in the near future! Roger’s best man gave an interesting speech that was tied to football and their all-time favourite club, Newcastle! I hope I got the club name right! Janet and Roger both gave a speech as well and all of us cheered and toasted to the newlyweds. There was even a photobooth for guests to take funny pictures with cute props! Needless to say, all of us took turns to make silly faces at the booth! Overall, I definitely enjoyed the dinner because it was a beautiful wedding, and plus, the food was great and the company even better!




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