Poh Suan & Mabel

I first met Poh Suan in Taylor’s college as we were in the same English class with Shuet Leng, Jade and Purvi, taught by the infamous Pn Mary. The first thing that struck me was her hazel brown eyes and how youthful she looked! She could have passed off for a secondary school student at that time. A decade later and I can safely say that she still looks youthful as ever and now she can pass off as a college student, haha. Along with Denise and the rest, we used to sneak into clubs and sustain ourselves with one alcoholic drink that came with the cover charge the entire night! We’re still horrible drinkers by the way.

Poh Suan now lives in Melbourne with her husband and beautiful daughter Mabel. I was only too happy to take photos for the both of them at the park in front of my house. Mabel has the cutest frown and she must have been wondering what we were trying to do! Poh Suan succeeded to make her smile and it was fantastic taking a photo of both mother and daughter smiling together.

If someone had told me years ago as we sat on the college bench that I’d be taking photos of my friend and her baby, I might have laughed it off. We were all definitely very carefree back then and our main agenda was just to ensure that our weekends were occupied with outings! Regardless, I think we ought to retain a bit of that carefree spirit in us despite how much we’ve grown and how our lives have changed. After all, I’m sure our kids would certainly want to have the same fun that all of us went through!


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