Patrick & Su Hooi

Am glad I finally found time to do this post as I really enjoyed doing this photoshoot. Su Hooi had asked me to take some pre-wedding photos for her which I gladly obliged. It was a pity I couldn’t attend her wedding as I had to attend my other friend’s wedding in Bali. The close timing of the photoshoot before her wedding was due to the fact that her husband Patrick is working in London and only had time to come down a week before their wedding to take the photos.

We decided to do it in Putrajaya because they were getting registered there and it was the most convenient option. Thankfully, in spite of the rainy weather it didn’t rain. Su Hooi was dressed in a gorgeous red dress and brought her bouquet of flowers and a lovely lace umbrella. Although it was the first time I met Patrick, he was equally as nice and friendly which made the shoot a breeze! Both Su Hooi and myself even commented that he was a natural at posing as he seemed so at ease!

So thanks again to both of you for allowing me to take the photos for you and I wish you many more years of marriage bliss as you embark on this wonderful journey together:)Here are some of the photos and hope you enjoy the slideshow as well.

Click here to watch Patrick & Su Hooi’s slideshow




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