Omelettes are lifesavers because this classic egg dish allows you to use most of the existing ingredients that you have in your fridge for a delicious, hearty meal. Rummage through your kitchen for calcium-enriched cheese slices, fresh vegetables and eggs to whip up an easy breakfast. I’m sure most of you will agree without batting an eyelid that if you are staying in any hotel for a holiday or a business trip, the egg station is definitely not to be missed as the chef will make a nice omelette filled with great ingredients for you. So why wait until you check into a hotel when you can make your own from scratch easily!


2 eggs
2 cheese slices (I use Chesdale cheese slices because they’re always in my home for my sandwich fix!)
1 tablespoon of cubed sausage
Half a small tomato, cubed
One small onion, diced
A dash of salt and pepper
2 tablespoons butter or cooking spray

1. Crack the eggs into a bowl and mix them well. Add milk, salt and pepper.

2. Pour into your pan that is well-oiled either with cooking spray or butter. Put the sausage, onion and tomato on half of the omelette. This makes it easier to fold the other half without the ingredients on top.

3. Cook on medium heat for approx 5 minutes.

4. Take the cheese and tear it with your hands and put it on half of the omelette.

5. Fold the omelette carefully into half and you’re done!

You can always include ham, red peppers, mushrooms and bacon too!

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