Mei Leong & Sook Mun

I first met bubbly Sook Mun through Shie Lin when I took photos during Shie Lin’s full moon party for her baby girl. Little did I know that Sook Mun was actually dating Mei Leong, my high school friend at that time! It was only much later when I found out that Sook Mun was getting married to Mei Leong and they wanted me to take the photos during their registration ceremony which was held at Ploy restaurant at Damansara Heights.

Ploy had created ripples amongst foodies for its focus to whip up dishes that marry the bold flavours that are found in Thai cooking and the fresh qualities of Japanese food. You will also find pastas and pizzas that are dressed in Asian condiments for that extra twist. Ploy means ‘gem’ in Thai and it reflects the owner’s gregarious personality to spin and play around with various Asian recipes. The restaurant is spacious and seats 120 people comfortably and it also has private sections for those who wish to organize parties. Sook Mun and her girlfriends did a great job dressing up the restaurant as it looked beautiful with photos of the couple adorning the wall and vibrant cut-out butterflies on every table. Each guest was also given unique-flavoured tea bags as door gifts.

Upon arrival, guests were invited to write congratulatory messages on glass pillars in the restaurant with markers in different colours. The couple had also arranged for a pastor to arrive at the venue and to conduct the ceremony. It was a special moment for the couple as they exchanged their vows and especially when the pastor announced that their union was official! Loud cheers erupted across the room as they held their marriage certs up for everyone to see! The couple also had a champagne pouring ceremony and a quick toast with their family members. Later on during the night, Mei Leong’s best man and Sook Mun’s maid of honour took turns to read out interesting notes about the couple which drew laughter from them as well as the crowd. For the last segment, Sook Mun’s girlfriends played a fun game whereby the groom and bride had to answer a series of personal questions by lifting either their own or their partner’s shoe!

For dinner, guests were served Crispy Baby Quid as a starter which was quite a sizeable portion, followed by a simple and refreshing Avocado Salad. The Spaghetti with Thai Anchovies was definitely different as the main seasoning was the anchovies which were quite salty. Each guest was also given a choice between Australian Tenderloin Steak, Pan Fried Sea Bass and Duck Confit for their mains. All the dishes looked good and I chose the fish which had a nice sauce. For dessert, we enjoyed the warm Chocolate Fondant with delicious fudge oozing out from it. I have to add that one of their signature dishes is the Black Fried Rice which is doused with squid ink and served with prawns. It is also topped with a raw egg for you to stir in it and enjoy the ooey, gooey rice.

From its website, the concept for Ploy was concocted by Jared Lim, an Asian private equity investor by day and an avid, gastronomic food fan by night. The menu at Ploy is the result of months of experimentation to create fusion dishes that derive its influences from different Asian regions. You can tell that he probably had loads of fun creating his unique menu which begs to be unusual to tempt its guests.

It was definitely a great night and I thank the couple for giving me the chance to take photos of it!

Ploy @ Clearwater,

G-02 Work @ Clearwater,

Jalan Changkat Semantan, Damansara Heights, Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 03-2095-0999


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