Lunch at Hooi Ling’s

Wan Sze was back from Australia with her precious daughter Alea, and what better way to meet up than to have lunch at Hooi Ling’s new home? Wan Sze and I go way back when we were dorm mates in Richardson Hall, Monash University in Melbourne. It was pretty funny as I was on the ground floor, our other friend Steven was on the next and Wan Sze on the higher floor.

In fact, Marcus, Janet and Hooi Ling were also living in the same hall but in different blocks. We would cook, do the dishes, laundry and eat out together most of the time. That even includes grocery shopping and we used to walk quite a fair bit to the nearest supermarket before our friends had cars! However, nothing beats the first day when we all arrived at Clayton, all excited and hungry when a friendly Chen Hoe mentioned that he would take us out for pizza. And so we walked and walked and walked in the cold until we arrived at this small shop at a corner! What a bizarre experience it was compared to the usual Pizza Hut restaurants where we’d go to by walking to any shopping mall in KL! Nevertheless, the walk was worth it as we loved every slice of the pizza. Basically, we were a fun family and we never failed to make each other laugh as we went on excursions around town. I truly, truly smile whenever I look back and reminisce on the past. I still remember the time when Wan Sze and I took the wrong bus too and the vegetables we bought had wilted under the hot sun!

Back to the present, so on that hot afternoon, myself, Wan Sze with Alea; Marcus, Su Lyn and their toddler Lucas with Janet paid a visit to the comfortable townhouse in PJ. I really liked the house as it was spacious, airy and bright. We were also treated to a nice lunch of fried chicken, noodles and curry. We talked for ages and the lovey-dovey part was when Alea played with Lucas! The next generation were already getting along just fine! Although years had passed it was nice to meet up again with Wan Sze and her baby girl and definitely the rest. Before you know it, our kids would probably be schooling already! But we’ll cross that bridge later when it comes!

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