Luk Yu Tea House – CNY Menu 2014

Within a matter of days we will be ushering in 2014 and I hope all of you had a fabulous time this year, be it through gaining new experiences or learning new lessons from the most unexpected places. I’m also pretty sure most of you are already looking forward to your New Year’s Eve plans! Although the year has not come to an end yet, I had the opportunity to sample a preview Chinese New Year 2014 menu at Luk Yu Tea House, located on the Feast Floor at Starhill Gallery. Personally, I had not tried the food here so I was quite curious to see what it had to offer. The decor and layout of Luk Yu is reminiscent of a typical tea house in old Hong Kong and it has an open kitchen concept where you can observe the chefs whipping up dishes the entire night.

Prior to the tasting session, we were served a pot of blooming Lily Jasmine tea which was imported from Taiwan and costs RM32 a pot. I am not a Chinese tea aficionado but this tea was light, fragrant and not overly bitter. It was presented in a glass teapot which showcased the gorgeous arrangement of flowers based around a nest of lilies and crowned by jasmine blossoms. As a tea house, Luk Yu also serves other premium teas which include Silver Needle Jasmine, Yuan Nien Pu Erh, Dry Rose Flowers and the Aged Pu Erh King which is the priciest at RM50 a pot. You will also find other favourites which are priced at RM15  a pot such as Oolong, Jasmine, Pu Erh, Taiwan Ti Kuan Yin, Japanese Green Tea and Chrysanthemum Eight Treasure Tea.

We first tasted the Aromatic Roasted Crispy Pigeon which was served with crackers at RM58++ and marinated with garlic and two types of Chinese wines. It was tender, moist and you definitely need to drop the chopsticks and use your hands to fully enjoy the eating experience! Next on the menu was the Stir-fried Tiger Prawns with Lemongrass and Curry Leaf, served on a bed of Lady Fingers and Eggplant at RM48++. The sauce was creamy and not too spicy which provided a nice dressing for the prawns. We also had the Seafood Treasure stuffed in beancurd skin and shimeji mushrooms at RM38++ per piece. Another item on the CNY menu is the Braised Dried Oyster and Chinese Mushroom served with Broccoli at RM48++ which was topped with abalone and Fatt Choy or otherwise known as black moss. The restaurant will also be serving the Chinese Beancurd with Assorted Mushroom in Superior Soup at RM28++ per bowl. The menu is the brainchild of Chef Chai Chee Loong, Head Chef of Shook! Chinese & Luk Yu Tea House.

Luk Yu Tea House is actually most well known for its dim sum and interestingly, the restaurant does not serve pork. Despite the absence of pork, I was quite impressed with their dim sum. We tasted the infamous trio of Steamed Chicken and Prawn Dumpling ‘Siew Mai’, Steamed Crystal Prawn Dumpling ‘Har Kau’ and Steamed Scallop Dumpling and the size of each dumpling was slightly larger than the usual dim sums. The dim sums were filled to the brim with plump, juicy prawns and the ingredients were well-seasoned. Unlike other dim sums, these were not overly salty and more importantly, the ingredients were fresh. Each basket has 3 portions and the price ranges from RM9.80 to RM10.80. By this time, we were already quite full but we couldn’t resist eating the Wok-Fried Radish Cake with Egg and Bean Sprouts at RM10.80 per plate and the Deep Fried Yam Puff with Chicken and Mushroom at RM4.80 per portion.

To end the meal, we tasted the Chilled Cream of Fresh Mango with Sago and Pomelo at RM6.80 per bowl. It was a thick, creamy and refreshing treat and perfect for those who like mangoes. For dessert lovers, you can also try their Chilled Durian Pancake, Steamed Cake with Almonds, Crispy Chinese Lotus Paste Pancake and Deep Fried Pumpkin Balls with Sesame Seeds. Luk Yu also has claypot specialties such as Stir-Fried Chicken Fillet with Ginger and Chinese Spice at RM30, Double-boiled Live Clams in Superior Stock at RM28, Slow-braised Lamb Chop with Dried Beancurd Stick in Superior Sauce at RM48 and Slow-cooked Porridge with Mud Crab at RM68.

This special Chinese New Year menu will be served from Jan 18 to Feb 14, 2014 and you may order it as an ala carte and you should try the dim sums as well. The restaurant opens till 1am every night which is perfect for night owls, the last order for dim sums is 10.45pm while for the ala carte dishes it is 12.30am.

Have a fabulous New Year’s Eve!


Luk Yu Tea House

Tel : +603 2782 3850

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Opening hours :
Mon – Sat : 12pm – 1am
Sun & Public Holidays : 10am – 1am


The fragrant Lily Jasmine Tea

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