Every week I would drive past the ‘Love@firstBite’ café on the way home and on a hot Friday morning I decided to check out the place. You see on weekdays, I normally eat plain instant oats (horror!) that is doused with hot water and mixed with spoonfuls of Nestum and BIOGREEN’s 100% pure black sesame powder which makes it more palatable for breakfast. Surprisingly, I have managed to stick to this bland breakfast choice for a few months although I do get tempted occasionally to buy a big, fat pack of Nasi Lemak from the lady that sells it near my house. This is only possible if there is no long que which is usually the case. When I first started eating oats, I would put several spoons of thick, creamy condensed milk and slowly cook the oats on a stove. Naturally, I found that I was going to get a sugar high if I did that every morning.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t eat that healthily all the time. I just got very lazy trying to figure out what to eat for breakfast every morning when I’m rushing for work! Now all I need to do is buy three tins (oats, Nestum and sesame powder) and I’m set for a few months! Of course it doesn’t hurt to know that it is a healthier alternative too I suppose!

I figured if I have a healthier breakfast, I can have a greasier lunch or dinner (fat hopes). Wait until you see me slurping down an oily bowl of curry laksa with tofu puffs and si ham! On weekends, I’d buy a loaf of bread for a change and spread a thick layer of crunchy peanut butter on each slice as I watch Astro channels 703, 707 or 727.

So on days when I’m not eating oats or bread, I do like indulging in a hearty breakfast. Looking at the café’s menu, I realized that their breakfast choices are pretty simple and includes tuna, chicken or egg sandwiches. You can choose to have either white bread, wholemeal or croissant at a slightly more expensive price. The classic scrambled eggs and toast is also available here. I did wish that they had a wider breakfast selection as I can’t resist a good French toast or fluffy pancakes with maple syrup. I love eating croissants so I decided to order their tuna croissant which was a decent portion. Thankfully, they did not try to slather too much mayo on the tuna.

For any café to survive locally, it is crucial to have a mix of Western and local favourites to ensure they meet the picky tastebuds of Malaysians. The waitress even highlighted to me that they served satay. If you want something heavier, take your pick from Ipoh hor fun, curry mee, fried kuey teow and yes, they even have Nyonya Laksa. Note to self, must try the laksa next time. Their specialties include the Seafood Aglio Alio spaghetti, lamb shank and ‘pie floaters’ which is served with mashed potatoes.

The café also bakes its own breads and buns. To end your meal, the café serves a variety of cakes and even macarons from Epicurean Cuisine Pattiserie. On that morning, I was seated across a few elderly men who were discussing politics and I suppose they were regulars, from the way they interacted with the waitress. One of them even told the waitress that his laksa had an egg with a double egg yolk!

You don’t have to worry about parking as there is an open car park right across the street. So if you’re in Taman Tun and you want to eat something comforting, just give the place a try!


27 Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 3, Taman Tun Dr Ismail. Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 03-7726 4082.

8am to 10pm (Monday to Saturday)

8am to 8pm (Sunday).


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