Just Heavenly Cafe

The dynamic and indefatigable duo behind Just Heavenly has opened a cosy café on the second floor of Bangsar Shopping Centre. Regina and I were looking for a quiet place to chat and it provided a serene and comfortable ambience with its predominantly white interior which is infused with various shades of calming blue. It felt like the café was designed to make you feel as if you’re dining up in the clouds with the bluest of skies as your background.

As we walked towards the counter, our eyes were immediately transfixed on the colourful display of cakes with decadent toppings. In fact, my mind was thinking, wouldn’t it be amazing if they had a Just Heavenly dessert buffet? All they need to do is whip up miniature versions of their classics and one can then have a perilous overdose of sugary delights! In fact, have you ever tried asking yourself how many slices of cake you could eat if there was nobody watching? Skip the mains you say and let’s go straight for dessert!

As much as we would have liked to order one of everything, we settled for a slice of Lemon Meringue Pie which looked gorgeous with its cloud-like meringue topping and slightly golden peaks which were probably achieved by using a blow torch. Apart from chocolate cakes, I enjoy eating fruity concoctions and the lemon curd filling was light and refreshing which is attributed to the use of lemon zest and juice. We had a nice balance between sweet and sour while eating this pie. The shortbread crust also provided a nice, crumbly biscuit base. Basically I like eating pies, be it savoury or sweet. That’s the reason why I’m always checking out the pies first whenever I’m in a café because I can’t resist delicious fillings and the pastry that encases it.

Our second indulgent choice was the Chocolate Cheese which is a moist chocolate fudge cake that is perfectly enveloped with delectable cream cheese. If your girlfriend is angry at you over something, buy her a slice and watch her melt instantly!

The other cakes that you can sink your teeth into are the notorious Death By Chocolate which the café unabashedly describes as seduction on a plate and their best-seller, the rose-tinted Red Velvet. There’s also Carrot Walnut with cream cheese frosting, Chocolate Banana, Butter Buttercup, Triple Espresso Brownies and ooey, gooey Chocolate Fudge. The other pie that I’ll like to try next time is the Key Lime Pie which has a creamy, tart filling. They even have a Chocolate Durian Cake which is another must-try for me!

If you still have space in your tummy, try their healthy, wholesome smoothies and fruit juices. Regina ordered a drink called Charlie’s Angels which fitted her perfectly! It comprises of red dragonfruit, an apple and lemon juice and she was raving about it.

I’ll probably taste their lunch menu on another day which has essential café favourites such as salads, pastas and burgers. Just Heavenly also conducts baking classes at The Baking Barn in Bangsar which I honestly would love to attend someday to learn some baking and take some photos. With its wide repertoire of services, it is clearly inspiring to see how passionate the owners are in their business of serving dreamy, heavenly treats. That to me, is probably the icing on the cake.


Second Floor, West Wing

Bangsar Shopping Centre,

295 Jalan Maarof,

59000 Kuala Lumpur

Opening hours: Daily 10am – 10pm

Tel:+603 2011 4866


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