Eng Keat’s Birthday

Eng Keat always makes it a point to celebrate his birthdays with his friends and he’s always generous with those that are close to him. This time was no different as the chosen venue was Cafe Barbera in Bangsar, thanks to the recommendation from our fabulous friend Regina! Apart from knowing practically almost everyone in the Klang Valley (I kid you not!), she also has a knack for identifying new places for us to eat! Afterall, my greatest fear is to eat in the same restaurant repeatedly with the fact that there are so many others to try out at the back of my head!

So off we went to this new joint and the ambience felt warm and cosy, perfect for those who live around the neighbourhood to pop by for a cup of coffee. My friends had placed numerous orders for us to try out their vast array of dishes and they kept coming throughout the night. There were loaves of bread served with delicious cheesy dips and smoked salmon. The mains were equally nice which included lamb chops and pastas.

My friend Kah Wai was also there and she had baked a fantastic cake in the shape of a blue shirt with the initials ‘DL’! Guess what that stands for, it is none other than ‘Datuk Law’ haha. I can’t remember who gave Eng Keat that nickname! Definitely not from me! I bet a lot of effort went into that cake and I have to give credit to Kah Wai who also made a customized cake for me too at another occasion, thanks babe! Before we knew it, the night was over and while the rest adjourned to Vintry for drinks, I decided to head home and snore my head off. Cheers to many more happy birthdays!

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