Eng Keat’s Bday

Eng Keat once again celebrated his birthday with his close friends and the chosen venue this time was Vintry at Damansara Heights. The word Vintry is actually an old English word for a place where wine is sold. Vintry is known for its relaxed and cosy atmosphere which is attributed to its walls that are formed from red bricks and dark décor where you can easily hide in one corner and drink yourself silly. One thing about wine places though, they are always freezing cold to safeguard the temperature of its wines.

Eng Keat is the only guy I know whose birthday falls on Valentine’s day! Denise also happens to be my close friend from college and her birthday is only a week apart from his, talk about a match made in heaven, hehheh! All of us asked them, “So do you get only one present or two since your birthdays fall around Valentine’s Day?” We didn’t get the answer so I suppose we’ll keep guessing! It’s the same theory isn’t it when your birthday is around Christmas time too?

Anyhow, I’ve known both of them for quite awhile and it’s great that we all still keep in touch and hang out together. These two fellas never fail to entertain me with their stories. We also had a nice spread of food for dinner. First on the list was a starter of mushrooms, siew yuk and melon wrapped with ham. This was followed by a creamy bowl of pea soup with bacon bits I think. For mains, we were spoilt for choice as there were BBQ pork ribs, braised pork ribs, Cajun pork ribs,pan-fried pork belly steak, lamb cutlets, braised beef ribs, grilled chilled rib-eye and pan-fried seabass. Most of us opted for the BBQ pork ribs which was described as an all-time favourite, served with mashed potatoes and coleslaw.

My quest for the perfect pork ribs is going to continue until I get to eat those juicy, tender ribs in Texas that I watch on telly. Those guys from Texas sure know how to do a mean BBQ. Adam Richman from Man vs Food also always kills us with his food extravaganza. If you’re feeling lazy and hungry, just watch the show. It’ll make you sit up immediately! Although I must admit I don’t quite fancy the last bit of his show where he stuffs himself with massive amounts of food! It used to be entertaining to watch this bit at the beginning, but after a while you start to pity the poor guy and think that the food could have been given to the less privileged instead! Closer to Malaysia, the other famous ribs that I keep hearing about is Naughty Nuri’s in Bali. I will definitely ensure I visit the place the next time I go to Bali.

Denise also personally baked Eng Keat’s delicious birthday cake! It was a cheese cake with diced mangoes, grapes and topped with transparent jelly. Wouldn’t you like it if your girlfriend baked your very own birthday cake? It also had the initials DL, which stands for *drum roll*, Datuk Law! A funny nickname for him! To Eng Keat and Denise, happy belated birthday and hoped you had a fabulous time!


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