Croisette Cafe

It was a Saturday night and Regina suggested to visit Croisette Café at the most unassuming place, Cascadium condominium in Bangsar. It was already 9pm when she reached my place and although it was supposed to close at 10pm, she was eager to see the place after hearing reviews from friends. So as we drove and reached the guard house, we were greeted by a friendly guard who spoke pretty good English, top marks for the management who hired him! The parking area in the condo was also well lit and there were sufficient parking bays.

As we walked towards the café, we discovered that it was just next to the condo’s swimming pool and had a very relaxed vibe to it. The café is small and intimate and we observed that there were two tables occupied that night, one by a couple while the other was a big group. The café was bathed in yellow light and had lime green tables and white chairs. As you take your seat, you are whisked away by its soothing French music playing in the background. Honestly, jazzy French music does have a tranquilizer effect because you feel yourself loosening up the longer you listen to it. In fact, I was just thinking to myself that this is a suitable place for a guy to take a girl out on a casual first date in an unpretentious setting and have a proper getting-to-know-you conversation as it is quiet and you won’t bump into any nosy friends! More importantly, the food is good too.

Little did I know that Croisette is actually an organic café that serves mainly French food and is managed by Pierre-M. Chaillou, a French chef and Michelle. It has a simple menu with soups such as Golden Pumpkin Veloute and Wild Mushroom; Classic Caesar and smoked duck Landaise salads as starters with pasta and meat dishes as mains. If I do drop by the next time, I might try the Coq au Vin which is a French braise of chicken cooked with wine and mushrooms or the Beef Bourguignon which is slowly cooked in red wine. The other popular dish seems to be the Smoked Salmon Rotizza which is a far superior roti canai that is laden with fresh ingredients. Its dessert repertoire on the other hand, comprised of Chocolate Orange Parfait, Bavarois Raspberry or Mango, Passion Indulgence Cake, Crème Brulee and Tiramisu.

The pricing is reasonable for its quality and reflects the owners’ concept for the café to serve tasty, organic food. Due to its location, it does not have to burden itself with high rental rates which are more often than not passed down to the customer. I actually had my dinner earlier while Regina had just returned from Penang and needed to nibble on something so she decided to order the Grilled Mixed Mushrooms and one of their signature desserts, the Chocolate Orange Parfait.

The Grilled Mixed Mushrooms were seasoned with salt, pepper and herbs and was a light and refreshing dish. Regina felt it would be better to have bread as well and the café immediately provided a bowl of crispy, toasted bread.

The main highlight though was definitely the dessert as it was rich, silky and smooth. As its name suggests, the parfait was topped with sliced orange peel and there were also bits of orange peel when you bite into the decadent chocolate parfait. In France, parfait refers to a frozen dessert which is made from a base of sugar syrup, egg and cream. It was presented with a solitary strawberry with chocolate sauce on the plate. With a French chef at the helm of this café, you definitely won’t have to settle for mediocre desserts.

The café also does home delivery with Western and Asian lunch boxes; makes organic jars and preserves; concocts special recipes and provides consultancy services to the F&B industry. With its delicious, organic food, the café will continue to attract regular patrons at its premises. Remember to call first to check their lunch and dinner hours to avoid any disappointments.

Croisette Café
Level 3, Cascadium Condominium, 28 Jalan Penaga
Bukit Bandaraya, Bangsar, KL

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