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Michael and Adele

Adele has always been a friendly and bubbly girl, never one to shy away from new experiences but to embrace them with glee and a ready smile. Before her wedding, she had asked me to take a few photos of her family together. The timing had to be perfect as she and Michael are based…

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Bruce & Patrina

I have just attended Bruce & Pat’s wedding and what a whirlwind event it was! Similar to any wedding, Bruce and Pat were crazy busy with numerous things they had to do prior to their big day. Thankfully, they had strong support from their family and friends and everything turned out well. I can only imagine the relief they…

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Patrick & Su Hooi

Am glad I finally found time to do this post as I really enjoyed doing this photoshoot. Su Hooi had asked me to take some pre-wedding photos for her which I gladly obliged. It was a pity I couldn’t attend her wedding as I had to attend my other friend’s wedding in Bali. The close timing of…

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