Bruce & Patrina

I have just attended Bruce & Pat’s wedding and what a whirlwind event it was! Similar to any wedding, Bruce and Pat were crazy busy with numerous things they had to do prior to their big day. Thankfully, they had strong support from their family and friends and everything turned out well. I can only imagine the relief they must have felt when the wedding was finally over and they could party the night away!

I did their pre-wedding shoot along with Damon who is Wai Yeen’s husband. All of us are mutual friends and I’ve always liked doing pre-wedding shoots. We did the shoot in Mark’s beautiful bungalow called the Wanaka at Damansara Heights.

I also attended the morning session at Pat’s house and helped to make the poster with the lyrics from the song ‘Hero’ by Enrique Iglesias. I didn’t know Pat liked the song! Somehow, whenever I think of the song, I remember Jimmy Fallon singing it at the MTV Music Video Awards to Enrique Iglesias which was the bomb! We almost got lost in the morning on the way to her house due to some changes in the roads but thankfully we made it on time! Zach and his lovely wife were the official photographers and they’re such an amazing couple with tonnes of talent to boot.

I did not take too many photos during the actual day because they had the official photographers and videographers! Also, I tried my best not to get in the way as sometimes I understand it makes life difficult for them as they need lots of space to move around and less distractions!

Pat’s fabulous team of bridesmaids were Susian, Siao Ning, Wai Yeen, PC and Bee Lynn. They brainstormed over ideas and did their best to make the session fun and memorable for the couple! They were also dressed in beautiful purple dresses as Pat’s favourite colour is fig. I thought it was amusing when Bruce mentioned to us in a post that although it was an unglamorous sounding name, it is a very luscious colour! It was great that they provided a colour guide for guests to refer to, now that’s thoughtful!

The church ceremony was held at St Peter’s Church at Bangsar in Lucky Garden. I have to say that the pastor was good, and it was one of those rare moments where I actually paid attention to every single word that he had to say about love and marriage as he made it funny yet insightful.

The dinner was held at Royale Bintang Damansara which was convenient as it is very near my house. I liked the live band too as they did a nice job singing current and classic favourites. Speaking of which, I can’t wait to check out the ‘Wedding Band’ series on FX. Among the highlights of the night for me was when Bruce was overcome with emotion during one of his thank you speeches. That was a genuine moment which seemed to speak volumes of how he has waited for this day to finally marry Pat. In fact, their wedding entrance song was ‘Finally’.

Here’s the slideshow for the pre-wedding shoot and a few photos that I took during the wedding day.

Click here to view the slideshow for Bruce & Pat’s pre-wedding shoot















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