Artisan Roast Coffee

Coffee aficionados can now visit the highly recommended Artisan Roast Coffee at Taman Tun which is owned by Michael for their daily fix of java. But I have a confession to make; I don’t really drink coffee, especially not at night. It’s not because I don’t like it but because if I do drink coffee before I sleep, I will be up like a zombie and feeling light-headed. Hence, this explains my rather basic or non-existent knowledge on coffee!

Nevertheless, I do not mind having coffee in the morning with lots of milk and sugar! For this visit, I came with Regina and she ordered the Red Espresso at RM10 which she really enjoyed. I did a check on this and it is commonly viewed as premium Rooibos tea that is refined under an espresso grind similar to coffee. This fuses two elements, café culture and good health as you enjoy the benefits of tea that is richer in flavour and darker in colour. She also ordered a mini, minty chocolate bar which was pure bliss.

The interior is reflected by the café’s mantra of all things handcrafted. This explains the use of natural wood, stone, bricks and metal which makes you feel at ease with its stripped down façade. Its food echoes the same belief whereby only real ingredients are used with no powdered substitutes for butter and definitely no colourings. There is even a signboard in the café that mentions they operate a scratch kitchen where everything sold here is made here using the best ingredients they can source. The café is usually packed and you will see small groups of people chatting over coffee as they sit on red cushions. There are even drawings of people enjoying coffee on the walls and it makes you wonder who actually did them.

To live up to its name, they claim that their espresso machines are made by craftsmen while the coffee beans which are grown by dedicated farmers from small estates; is roasted by hand at RAW Coffee which is situated in Wisma Equity opposite KLCC. There is strict quality control throughout the entire process to preserve the delicate aromatics of the beans. Apparently, the green coffee beans they buy are in the top 2% of the planet!

The café’s coffees are actually from the latest harvests across the globe which means we Malaysians are able to get the freshest cup of coffee on the market. This makes it interesting as you never know what you’ll get when you step into their café. Among their current crop of coffees is the Finca La Bourbon Guatemala which is described as initial dark cocoa cooling to tart summer fruit, especially kumquats, raspberries, a picnic in the meadows with fragrant hints of tarragon and essentially is a light dry coffee. While another, the Kinunu Rwanda has a description that states red liquorice, jelly and red smarties, a trip to the candy store with heavy honeydew melon, a fat mellow coffee. Definitely unusual and the narrative invites you to enjoy its full-bodied coffee experience.

You can see that they really value the people preparing their coffee as they have a special page on its website that is devoted to introduce their friendly and passionate baristas who hail from all walks of life with different interests. The one thing that links them all is the appreciation of good, decent coffee. So if you need a cosy place to hang out at night and have a really good cup of coffee, just walk on over to Artisan Roast. There are now plans to open another outlet at Bangsar Village II as well.

4, Lorong Rahim Kajai 14
Taman Tun
Tel: +603 77336397

(It is located in the same row of pubs such as Tom, Dick and Harry and Deutsches Gasthaus) next to the Maybank on the corner.

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