About Me


“It is one thing to photograph people. It is another to make others care about them by revealing the core of their humanity…”

- Paul Strand -

Welcome to my website and the quote above describes exactly the sentiment I feel on photography! Apart from photography, I am also an avid food lover that loves tasting new cuisines and experimenting with simple, delicious recipes.

I am a portrait, food and lifestyle photographer who is passionate about capturing photos of interesting food and people to reveal each individual’s unique personality.

There is no question that life revolves around a series of events that should not be overlooked or forgotten. Therein lies my passion in helping people to ensure that a particular phase in life is forever remembered. In short, I believe in taking photographs that celebrate life and everything in between.

I also believe in experimenting with different styles of photography, depending on the type of photo shoot to ensure it captures the moment in the best manner possible. From natural, candid shots to creative and stylish poses, the most important objective is to ensure that the photo tells a story.

So whether it is a photo of yourself or with your loved ones, I’d be more than happy to ensure that you have those memories to keep!

I would also like to keep this website interactive so please feel free to share your comments and I definitely would love to hear from any of you out there!